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We set the bar when it comes to dental technology. No more high-pitch whines of a drill, no more hand tools to scrape your teeth or cut your gums…just a comfortable, convenient, virtually pain-free experience with our innovative dental technology.


CEREC Technology


Waterlase Laser Dentistry


DigitalDOC HD IRIS Intraoral Camera with LŪM—Sub Enamel Illumination


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Your healthy smile is our mission. Gentle dentistry is our goal.


At Edward Dwyer, DDS, because of our innovative dental technologies, excellent quality with attention-to-detail, plus comprehensive dental services, you can get all your denistry in one place. Gentle dentistry is always our goal. Your healthy smile is our mission.


Waterlase Dental Laser

Patient comfort. Fewer or no shots. No drills. Virtually pain-free.
With the Waterlase MD dental laser, we can restore your smile without the heat, vibration, and pressure of the drill. Using a process called HydroPhotonics, the Waterlase dental laser uses laser energy, combined with a spray of water, to perform a wide range of procedures comfortably. Plus, this nifty laser can be used for canker or cold sore treatment, in addition to fillings and other hard and soft tissue procedures. Best of all, it’s great for patients who fear dental procedures—turning their visit to the dentist into a positive experience!

Intraoral Camera

With an intraoral camera, you can fully understand your oral health by seeing exactly what we see inside your mouth. The intraoral camera can help us detect fractures and decay not visible to the naked eye alone, and let us take a picture that is displayed on a monitor right by your chair. This helps us to better explain treatment and you can see the condition of your mouth close up. This painless, no-radiation technique allows us to monitor the progress of your treatment and identify problems early.

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

With CEREC technology, we can restore decayed teeth; design and place ceramic crowns; replace amalgam (silver) fillings; and design and place inlays, onlays and dental veneers all in one appointment. Our patients absolutely love the convenience and beauty of these dental restorations. Best yet, there are no impressions, no temporaries, no second appointment, and they are all metal-free! The final result is a beautiful, healthy, strong and natural-looking restoration.

Sirona CBCT 3D

CBCT stands for “cone beam CT scan.” It combines a 3D mouth scanner with state-of-the-art software to generate a 3D image of your mouth. Similar to a CT scan, it reduces your radiation exposure while providing highly precise images of your jaw bone and mouth structure.

CBCT scans provide us with a wealth of information that helps us do a better job of offering top-notch dental care, including:

  • Precise measurements of size and shape
  • Insight into the quality of the bone
  • The placement of blood vessels and nerves
  • The existence of any abnormalities

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