Waterlase laser dentistry

Get gentle dental care with the Waterlase laser dentistry at Edward Dwyer, DDS, in West Seneca.

Water. Laser. Comfort.

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Fear and anxiety, whether mild or severe, are real and for many people can be a barrier to seeking dental treatment. Noisy drills, needles and numb lips can prevent people from taking a positive, proactive approach to oral health.

With the Waterlase MD dental laser, we can restore your smile without the heat, vibration and pressure of the drill. Using a process called HydroPhotonics, the Waterlase dental laser uses laser energy, combined with a spray of water, to perform a wide range of procedures comfortably. Plus, this nifty laser can be used for canker or cold sore treatment, in addition to fillings and other hard and soft tissue procedures.

The many advantages of Waterlase MD laser include:

  • Greater patient comfort in the chair
  • Fewer or no shots
  • No drills
  • Virtually pain-free

Best of all, it’s great for patients who fear dental procedures—turning their visit to the dentist into a positive experience!