Laser Dentistry

Get tomorrow’s dentistry today in the Buffalo area with laser dentistry at Edward Dwyer, DDS.

Fear is one the biggest concerns when visiting the dentist. Now imagine…no shots, no pain, no numb lips and no drill. That dream is now a reality. Laser dentistry can put your fears at ease. The demand for lasers in dentistry is growing rapidly and Dr. Dwyer is a participating Waterlase laser dentist. He is expertly trained to perform a wide range of dental procedures with the comfort of a dental laser.

Using the Waterlase dental laser, Dr. Dwyer can:

  • Treat canker and cold sores
  • Perform root canals
  • Treat mild periodontal disease
  • Prepare and remove cavities
  • Reshape teeth
  • Other hard and soft tissue applications

Whether you need to improve a gummy smile, fix chipped or cracked teeth, repair a decayed tooth or replace old metal fillings, Dr. Dwyer can improve your smile more quickly and comfortably with the Waterlase dental laser.

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“97% of patients recommend Waterlase laser dentistry to their friends and family.”