Dental Implants

Get dental implants at Edward Dwyer, DDS, in West Seneca, NY. A permanent solution to restore missing teeth.

dental implant illustration

Dentures or partials often make it hard for people to cough, chew, laugh, sneeze, talk or even smile without worrying if their partials or dentures will slip. Denture wearers often experience soreness from lose dentures or notice a shrunken appearance in their face as the gums and bones in their jaws recede. Fortunately, dental implants can offer a permanent solution to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Titanium screws are used as an artificial substitute for tooth roots. Once placed in your gums, the implant can anchor a bridge, denture or even a single crown in your mouth. Implants are long-lasting and they won’t slip or move in your mouth or cause injury or irritation.

Learn more about mini implant overdentures. View the video.

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